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A Magazine of Micro Fiction

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Switch, def.: An act of adopting one way of life in place of another; a change, especially a radical one; a slender, flexible shoot cut from a tree; a junction of two railroad tracks, with tapering rails that allow a train to pass from one line to another.

Switch is an online magazine of micro fiction devoted to stories 

that leave the beaten path, carry us forward, transform.


We are now closed for submission, but will reopen in the spring. We look forward to reading your work!


Recent Micro Fiction


The whistle has blown, the switch thrown, the train is leaving… 

Recent Micro Fiction
Upcoming Events

Our guidelines:


  •  Each piece must not exceed 400 words. You may submit up to three pieces. 

  • Work must be unpublished and comprised of a single paragraph (please do not indent). 

  • Simultaneous submissions are not accepted.

  • Send your selections in a Word document (.doc or .docx), using single-spaced lines, and Times New Roman, 12-point font. 

  • Please embed and italicize any spoken words (do not use quotation marks around dialogue).

  • We reserve the right to request edits on accepted work prior to publication.

  • Please, no ChatGPT or generative AI.

  • Be sure to send us a brief biographical note (up to three lines) in your Word document. 

  • If we accept your work, we ask for First Electronic Rights to publish and non-exclusive rights to retain it on our website indefinitely. If your work is republished, please credit Switch as the original publisher. 

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