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Carol Edelstein

Still a fan of the bath and all things water, Carol (r)  is the co-founder of Gallery of Readers, a nonprofit independent literary press in Northampton, Massachusetts. She is the author of The World Is Round (Amherst Writers and Artists Press, 1994), The Disappearing Letters (Perugia Press, 2005) and Past Repair (Simian Press, 2020), and her poetry and fiction have been featured in numerous anthologies and literary magazines, including The Massachusetts Review, The Georgia Review, and Alaska Quarterly Review.  

Elizabeth M. George

Elizabeth is the author of Glass Teepee (Gallery of Readers Press, 2017), a collection of short fiction. Her work has appeared in Patchwork Journal and in Anthology 2017, Celebrating Writers of the Pioneer Valley (Gallery of Readers Press, 2016). She still remembers Adlestrop.

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We started Switch in homage to the much beloved

, A Magazine of Paragraphs. A hard copy literary magazine the size of a deck of cards, Paragraph was created by poet Karen Donovan and writer Walker Rumble at their Oat City Press, Holyoke, MA in 1985. Paragraph published just that: single paragraphs of 200 words or less, at a time when the beauty and literary quality of "flash" and "microfiction" were just beginning to become widely recognized. In 2005, Karen and Walker published #25, their final issue of ¶, A Magazine of Paragraphs. Switch is our tribute to this gem of microfiction history.

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