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Cat Café

Ashley McCurry

English breakfast tea stains the rim of my mug. Tufts of creamsicle fur drift upon the surface like a lotus flower. Two cats try to persuade me to commit, while others consider me with half-moon eyes and aggressive tail flicking, perhaps suspicious of my motives. I imagine a universe in which cats don posh pea coats and designer handbags, visit the Human Café. Rooms filled with lonely, abandoned humans jumping in laps, dreaming of enduring companionship. Wide, pleading eyes in fleshy faces that follow cars from the window.

Ashley McCurry (she/her) is a writer, speech pathologist, and Halloween enthusiast, currently residing in the Southeastern United States with her husband and four rescue dogs. She is also a slush reader for Flash Fiction Magazine. Her work has appeared in Bright Flash Literary Review, Flash Fiction MagazineSix SentencesMicrofiction Monday MagazineFlashFlood Journal, The Dillydoun Review, Flash Boulevard, Shirley Lit MagPigeon ReviewThe Metaworker, Five on the Fifth, and others.

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