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Early Morning

Damhuri Muhammad

A woman with red-nailed fingers swept the porch floor in the early morning. A

frowning face, yet alluring fingers. I wanted to approach her, but she showed a hostile

countenance. I asked the little birds on the iron fence to keep on chirping, and also

invited the tiny flowers around the porch to bloom immediately, in order to freshen her

facial expressions. I willed a swarm of black ants on the wall to move in a tidy line to

avoid her annoyance. Then, I left with the memory of her sensual ring finger.

Damhuri Muhammad  is a Jakarta-based writer, who graduated from the

Department of Philosophy at Gadjah Mada University. He writes fiction,

literary criticism, and opinion columns. One of his short stories has been

nominated for the 2023 Pushcart Prize. His recent works have appeared

in The Unconventional Courier, The Pine Cone Review, Active Muse, The Riot

Mag, Unpublished Writers the Mag, Pandan Weekly, Kitaab, and elsewhere. He

is currently lecturing on philosophy at Darma Persada University, Jakarta

(Indonesia). He can be found on Twitter @damhurimuhammad.

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