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E.P. La Brecque

I don’t remember the phrase my uncle uses, not exactly, nor on which island they used it, but I remember him telling me what it means in English: It doesn’t hurt. It passed as a saying among the men of that place. There, you heard it in the cafes, down at the docks, wherever two or more men convened. You heard it several times a day. My uncle was in love then. But he was deported after he contracted meningitis and had no money to pay for a doctor. She was peeling oranges for him when they came.

E.P. La Brecque is a writer and essayist who divides his time between Northern California and Detroit. By day he works as a brand strategist and namer. His micro story "Merv" was published in February, 2022 in On The Run. A small sampling of his work is online at

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